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小社ブログは海外読者も多いので、以下にNHKblog のAbout this blog.を転載させていただきます。
About this blog.
In this blog, I will try to share many kinds of information and knowledges which are useful and helpful for librarians, scholars and students in the world focusing on Japanese studies. I will pick up websites, reference tools, tips for academic activities on Japanese studies, resources and library services — all kinds of Nippon’s Helpful Knowledge.
Even though many resources are in Japanese only, I will try to make descriptions in English so that many people including bigginers can find and access helpful knowledges more easily.
Toriaezu yattemiru.
○事務連絡(egamiday3 図書館のお仕事とdaily)
○江上敏哲氏の「ハーバード日記 : 司書が見たアメリカ」